The Riverside Presbyterian Church Preschool is a partnership of
parents, preschoolers, staff, church, and community. Through play and
group experiences this partnership encourages creativity, cooperation
and the development of critical thinking in a safe, orderly, well equipped
Our teachers are committed to providing a quality program for young
children, It's our belief that effective service to your child must
encompass the entire family. Thus we make home visits, phone calls,
write a monthly newsletter and hold parent/teacher conferences. The
staff is qualified, certified, enthusiastic and totally dedicated to the
well-being of each child.
Our full-time staff consists of a director who is involved in the daily
teaching of the children, three teachers and an aide. The children
meet in an assigned classroom. Each day each child has an
opportunity to work with each of the teachers, thus benefiting from the
cooperative experience and style of all the staff.
We are proud of our learning center! The functional architectural
design provides beauty, health and safety.
There are three separate classrooms. Within these rooms are special
interest areas: dramatic play, music area, large motor and block area,
science table, library area and reading tower.
A separate painting area is used daily by budding artists. Additional play
space to enhance physical activity include both indoor and outdoor play
yards with great equipment, as well as a gymnasium.
The school has the use of two kitchens conveniently located in the
building, and the children have private boys' and girls' washrooms
adjacent to our classrooms.
Children must be 3 years old by September 1st, and must be
completely toilet trained. A registration sheet with a non-refundable
deposit is required with
your application. A medical form completed by
your child's physician and a background history sheet must be
submitted at the start of the school year, as well as some additional
state required forms.
Riverside Presbyterian Church Preschool is licensed and inspected by
the State of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the
State Fire Marshal and the Riverside Fire Department.
Classes meet every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Morning
sessions run from 8:45 a.m. to 11:10 a.m. Afternoon sessions are from
12:20 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Holidays and snow days coincide with those of
the Riverside Public Schools.
Your child will learn how to interact with others the
same age. The children's day will abound with
activities and projects.  A variety of instructional
materials are used to encourage hands-on
experiences. This school's multi-faceted approach
integrates many subjects (geography, language,
etc.) while balancing both first-hand and vicarious
experiences in a non-threatening atmosphere. This
allows teachers to develop the children's
problem-solving skills and self-direction.
Music is an integral part of each day's activities. We
incorporate songs, rhymes and CDs into themes
and units for learning. Physical activities are also an
important part of the preschool experience.
Our school also makes full use of community resources. The children
take field trips to the Fire Department, Library and local retailers for a
behind-the-scenes look at how their world functions.
"Catch 'em being good!" This practice builds positive self-concept.
Optimum challenge is provided so each individual can develop at his
or her own best rate socially, physically and intellectually. We strive to
use a holistic approach in educating a child. The concepts of
self-decision and discovery are fostered, and creativity is encouraged
through free expression.
There is no official dress code, but the children do a lot of painting,
coloring, experimenting and playing outside. So we do recommend play
clothes. Simple clothing also helps children manage more easily when it
comes to using the bathroom.  "I can do it myself!" is vital to self-respect.
Tuition is paid in monthly installments. Checks are preferred and are
due the first week of each month. Fees are determined prior to the start
of each school year. The school director can give you more information
on tuition costs.
Riverside Presbyterian Church Preschool
116 Barrypoint Road
Riverside, Illinois 60546

Phone: (708) 447-1520
Fax: (708) 447-1525

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